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Sent to the very limits of our enlightenment

I went for a drink with a good friend last night. Amongst other things, we spoke about an Electric Universe and he asked me about this business here. I said I hadn’t really done much. Time. Inclination. Sheepishness. etc etc. But then, I found this. Something I had written a while ago and I thought I best add it to the electric universe.

Battling through the bullying rain to a press conference, her hair was plastered to her head. Feet wet, trousers sticking to her skin. The news about her son, a red-hot needle, vibrated through her head. She hugged the sides of the huge glass building trying to find any shelter it might offerShe noticed that glass seemed to be everywhere in the city these days. Coming towards her was a man in a suit. His umbrella was up. She could not see his face. He pushed towards her using the umbrella like a ram, holding his ground.

It was late last night – before the storm blew in – when the phone rang. They explained  to her that they had lost contact. They had calculated when their air would eventually run out. She had dropped the phone. It was all she had been expecting. Then treading slowly and carefully barefoot out onto the soft grass she looked up into a cloudless sky. She was still there hours later. Her face wet – just looking up into the sky. Clouds were already bruising in from the west, and she said to the sky “You came to us like a gift. You were more than we could ever have imagined.” That was all.

She moved sideways out from under the eaves of the glass building into the full force of the rain so the umbrella’d man might be able to pass on the inside. Vicious waves of rain hit her as they approached each other. Then, as they passed, one of the ribs of  his umbrella poked her hard in the side of the head. “For fucks sake!” she said. She turned and watched, soaked to the skin as the man walked off along the edge of the building. He didn’t even fucking see me she thinks and touches that part of her head.

Timeless Advice on Writing from Famous Authors

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