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Redaction of Iain Duncan Smith’s 2013 Conservative Party conference speech. Or Red/action.








A poem.

Cap family Stop immigrat tism
Cutting schools hospitals hard values heart
intents George cut stop And this we all others They
is is pursued people collapsed people’s
reductions, welfare
you welf welf welf welfare.
king sickness people’s lives.
fare deducted culture
our benefit
our back
our people
our Our
our sickness and disability
our relentless march.
Our purpose trust.
easy stuck task.
Our simple heart ensure always pays.
the system.
because only they
speak for themselves:
Twice as successful
Almost three quarters
drive most first fiting lies.
turning ness.
Experience We extended we experience half
languished hope. That is Sickness
sickness. That is families choices
housing languish
Our fit cap sit That is retur ness
We ourselves ambitious we
in ever women hours
falling fallen toughest
I am crack
Auto tier test fairness
fairness hard.
Let me
some Monday showing pilot expert pilots benefit – one pilot one
tough sanctions regime
I stood we advanced
I arrayed reaction.
Misrepresent we
persuasion intimidation. tool purpose money
remorseless Our communication dislodge hearts us.
If Resolute fight
win no life Knowing grows more
children child. hearts our overarching
our system picture
richness drive shine up of too.
too extinguished,
remorseless inheritance.
Our mission once again.

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