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Lovely, Dark and Deep

I broke the duck and feathered my cap with this. I stood in front of some people and said these things and I think it all went swimmingly. Their various noises didn’t betray their thoughts so it was hard to tell really. Not sure what else to say but maybe this from Cryptoforests “Psychologically the forest has always been an upsetting force, a place of oppressing loneliness and deep silence, a territory of unspeakable dangers and dark secrets; it is where the witches live and the outlaws hide and where, following Joseph Conrad, an implacable force broods over inscrutable intentions.”

Lovely, Dark And Deep.

/“Lovely” he said/

Hidden. Was them? They, them we hide

Not snow this time.

Slept in pooling liquid light

Awash with ripples was gentle

Careless caressing.

Growing ruthless secrets

Amongst the upright roofless canopy

Uptight, vertical soothing cracks

On skin that separates soil from sky.

Then was them, on the ground

Roots concern not her

Just a gravitropism schism.

A chreodic melody

Of rhizomes spreading

Treading carefully on a dia-geo-tropic

Dialogue. A hot top topic

Of gravities and

Loosely knit mathematical probabilities

Or a Fibonacci rigidity.

S = a commodi-fiction

/“Dark” he said/

It’s between that’s the scene

Look between the spaces

Which make up these places

Black plastic bags hang like fruit

And the cost you surmise

Of losing the lies

He stuck his head in the hole of a tree

And each step he said – he said each step

Just like you.

Through brambles he tangled

Scratched blood lines on arm.

To the edges.

To the very. Very edges. The…

Gasped for air. (A Sudden intake)

He fell.

Out onto.

Just a.

And he was, you know, sort of, don’t know, surrounded, you know, by all that whatsit?….

/He said “And Deep”/

And deep. And deep. He said and deep.

Looked back towards the road and said

Wouldn’t you miss me at all?

Then slowly stepped forward again.


And lastly, I know I’ve posted this before but it informs the above, from Robert Frost.

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