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One, two… one, two…Testing

So, I’ve finally got this thing up and running. I never really had any inclination to blog or build a website about my writing. It all seems rather self-indulgent, and being and under confident little sausage this all feels a little out of my depth. But hey, in for a penny and all that. I suppose there’s no point creating stuff if no ones going to see it. It is why we create, there’s absolutely no point creating music, words or art of any kind if it’s just going to sit around gathering dust. I know that sounds kind of obvious but as a writer I found the whole experience of writing rather lonely. My first novel “Strings” (I may yet change the title) started out a long time ago and evolved in much the same way you might build a giant snow ball. It started with a few plot points and an overall theme but no specifically designed narrative and no specific characters. As this is my first novel I’m pretty sure this is not the way to stumble into writing a novel. It’s parked and the re-write looms after a few near misses with agents who have given me some excellent advice. But I now have ‘Stringsunder my belt of which you can read the first three chapters of ‘Strings’  following that link if you so wish.

And so I press on and have taken it upon myself to try to make a go of this and so start my M.A in Creative Writing at Birkbeck University next week. I’m still not sure why I’ve made this site but hopefully it’ll be filled with words. Words which I have no idea what they’ll be yet, but may make some kind of sense to someone out there…anyone…? One last thing,  I’m not saying that I’m vain, although I once shaved my head just so I could wear more hats, but I feel a little odd having my mug at the top of the page. Oh well.

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