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Cloud surfing

I’m a little bit obsessed by the weather. I have a little book of clouds which I sometimes flick through. Even though I am content with a good curdling cumulonimbus, I will look in this book at noctilucent clouds, Kelvin-Helmholtz or orographic lenticular clouds, and I will wonder if one day I will ever see them in the sky.

If you too have cloud envy then you may want to take a look at the cloud appreciation society, They have a cloud that looks like Alfred Hitchcock. Sort of. As well as cloud envy, I have an annoying sanguine snow infatuation. I will often wake on winters mornings and take a look out the window in the hope of seeing the garden covered in snow. There’s something about how it changes a familiar landscape. About how each flake on its own is beautiful but cumulatively it can take your breath away… anyway, I could waffle on for hours about snow, but I won’t…

So the point of this is really to talk about the weather. I think the weather can be a great influence on our writing and can reflect mood, psychology and can breathe a layer of subtext into it.If historical accuracy in weather is what you’re after then here’s the met office’s monthly weather report from 1884 to 1993. Handy stuff to have if you want to know what the weather was doing in, say January 1972 (While you ask, most snow fell in eastern areas and depths of 20cm were measured in the north Pennines. Also the aurora was seen by observers in Scotland on 2 nights… ahem.) Looking at weather might be the oblique strategy you need to move your piece of writing on. If we’re talking about historical accuracy, here is a site that tells you sun up and sun down times anywhere in the world  from 1994 – 2033. For instance, I can tell you that on Christmas day, 2033  the sun will rise at 08:05. That’s when I can open my hover board.

So there you have it. Weather. I can’t leave a post that mentions snow without also mentioning Robert Frost. So here he is reading the beautiful poem Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening. Hope you enjoy it.

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