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Posts from the ‘Forests’ Category

Reflected light from cities of glass

Should we expand our lexis for how we realise our cities? As far as I'm aware, the shapes on the pavement caused by light reflected from nearby buildings doesn't have a name. The sun hits the glass and reflects back down onto the pavement a ghostly distorted image of the glass from which it is reflected. Mostly unnoticed, it is an echo of how our cities are built.

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Lovely, Dark and Deep

I broke the duck and feathered my cap with this. I stood in front of some people and said these things and I think it all went swimmingly. Their various noises didn't betray their thoughts so it was hard to tell really. Not sure what else to say but maybe this from Cryptoforests "Psychologically the forest has always been an upsetting force, a place of oppressing loneliness and deep silence, a territory of unspeakable dangers and dark secrets; it is where the witches live and the outlaws hide and where, following Joseph Conrad, an implacable force broods over inscrutable intentions."

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