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Lovely, Dark and Deep

I broke the duck and feathered my cap with this. I stood in front of some people and said these things and I think it all went swimmingly. Their various noises didn't betray their thoughts so it was hard to tell really. Not sure what else to say but maybe this from Cryptoforests "Psychologically the forest has always been an upsetting force, a place of oppressing loneliness and deep silence, a territory of unspeakable dangers and dark secrets; it is where the witches live and the outlaws hide and where, following Joseph Conrad, an implacable force broods over inscrutable intentions."

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Sent to the very limits of our enlightenment

I went for a drink with a good friend last night. Amongst other things, we spoke about an Electric Universe and he asked me about this business here. I said I hadn't really done much. Time. Inclination. Sheepishness. etc etc. But then, I found this.

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Cloud surfing

I'm a little bit obsessed by the weather. I have a little book of clouds which I sometimes flick through. Even though I am content with a good curdling cumulonimbus, I will look in this book at noctilucent clouds, Kelvin-Helmholtz or orographic lenticular clouds, and I will wonder if one day I will ever see them in the sky.

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We like short shorts…

Experiments are usually done in laboratories behind closed doors as they have the propensity to explode. In your face. So, stand back, here’s an exploding experiment in Flash Fiction. It’s short and it’s sweet. It can be read in about 5 minute or less. I may walk away with my face all sooty, my hair blown backwards and my glasses on wonky, but hey.

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They should have called it Charlotte’s Dead…

I have an egalitarian attitude towards knowledge. I don't want to get all political on 'yo ass, but if knowledge is power then I believe it should be shared....

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Ian Ogilvy is my dream friend…

...Or that should rather read is a friend in my dream. I was walking through woods by a canal and suddenly realised I was very late for my appointment. I climbed the steep embankment away form the canal and found the restaurant in which I should be...

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One, two… one, two…Testing

So, I've finally got this thing up and running. I never really had any inclination to blog or build a website about my writing. It all seems rather self-indulgent, and being and under confident little sausage this all feels a little out of my depth...

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