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A Film For Radio


I wrote this for a season called New Radio for Radio Four back in erm… ohh. 1998? Could have been 1999. I have a terrible memory. My friend Tim Free told me we once saw Radiohead at glastonbury in 1994. I have no recollection what-so-ever of this event. I don’t think I was completely wasted but equally I might have been a tiny-weeny bit wasted but most likely I have just replaced that memory with things like how to make a casserole or how to plumb in a dishwasher. Who knows. Any way, I wrote, directed and produce A Film For Radio using Jim Bellorini who, with myself took a trip down to the BBC in Bristol for the day and had a thoroughly good time in one of their recording studios. Piers Plowright is doing the introduction. I never met him. enjoy.

“Well-conceived and crisply executed.”

Anne Karpf – Guardian

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