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Reflected light from cities of glass

Should we expand our lexis for how we realise our cities? As far as I'm aware, the shapes on the pavement caused by light reflected from nearby buildings doesn't have a name. The sun hits the glass and reflects back down onto the pavement a ghostly distorted image of the glass from which it is reflected. Mostly unnoticed, it is an echo of how our cities are built.

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Redaction of Iain Duncan Smith’s 2013 Conservative Party conference speech. Or Red/action.

A Poem
Cap family Stop immigrat tism
Cutting schools hospitals hard values heart
intents George cut stop And this we all others They
is is pursued people collapsed people’s
reductions, welfare
you welf welf welf welfare.
king sickness people’s lives.
fare deducted culture
our benefit
our back
our people
our Our
our sickness and disability
our relentless march.
Our purpose trust.
easy stuck task.
Our simple heart ensure always pays.
the system.
because only they
speak for themselves:

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